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I went to Wal-Mart the other day…and Crest Whitening Expressions Vanilla Mint was on clearance.

3221632770_8cbebe2263It always concerns me when a particular flavor of a certain brand is on clearance.  But I always think the worst of things.  To me there are are two reasons why a particular flavor of a brand is on clearance

1) The lot of toothpaste is expiring.

2) The particular flavor is ending.

When I started using this particular flavor they were making it as a gel … and they were making most other favors as a gel, and when I purchased it last (a couple of days ago) I didn’t see very many flavors as gels.  I’m just getting concerned that somehow they are going to phase out this toothpaste … and I am super brand loyal so changing things that I am used to is super difficult.

I hope the lot of toothpaste was just expiring, or that they ordered to much!

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March 31, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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Is this really the Real World?

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(aired 3/25)

It must be nice to be young and “famous” … or at least young and on MTV.  Because when you are young and on MTV you can rent a party bus and head to Atlantic city essentially for free.

This seasons 8 cast mates took a trip to Atlantic city and stayed at the Borgata hotel.  Now why would I assume that this trip is free? borgata-hotel-casino-1

1) These kids are poor and mostly not working.

2) A regular king size room for one night is about $200 …and there are 8 of them.

3) They show the Borgata logo at almost every transition.

I think that the Borgata paid for all of the expenses for the Real World cast to come visit in order for them to get their brand out there a little more.  In total the world Borgata is seen in print seven times in 20 minutes.  In addition to appearing that many times in print the roommates say numerous times where they are staying during conversation with each other as well as during their personal interviews.  Additionally these personal interviews use images of the hotel as a background.

I think this has become a common practice for many hotels and resorts to pay reality shows to film at their location to increase knowledge about their brand.  I think it’s a great, essentially free, form to increase brand awareness.

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March 30, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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Brand New?

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So it is only Wednesday and I’ve already encountered several instances of brands in my television viewing.  First it is important to know that the brand that most affects me during my TV viewing is … TiVo.  I have a TiVo which helps to be able to consume more television than any human possibly should.  I love having a TiVo brand DVR because it adds extra bonus features that other DVR’s don’t have.  First, I can record two shows at once and watch a recorded show at the same time.  Second, TiVo records shows that it thinks I might like (for example Jon and Kate Plus 8)  and sometimes I do like it and it leads me to having another show to watch.  Sometimes it gets it wrong  (like when it recorded TRL) but it let’s me teach it what I like and what I don’t using a rating system.  So I can tell it that I love Law and Order and it records CSI as a suggestion.

…enough about the technology let’s get to the brands.

On Monday I had a very interesting brand insertion in my soap opera.  Day’s of Our Lives usually does not have brands inserted anywhere within the storyline, which is why it struck me as so odd when it did.  Day’s featured Tyson brand “Anytizers” in a scene.  In addition to not usually featuring products it had nothing to do with the scene.  The “Anytizers” were featured in a location that doesn’t usually have food, nor do characters often ask other characters what they are eating.  The camera made it a point to zoom into the product so that it filled the entire screen.  From talking about authenticity today I think that the placement of this brand decreased the authenticity of the scene.   It showed that it was commercial in nature and, for me, it disrupted the place.  The soap opera takes place in a fictional town with fictional characters and bringing in an object that is real or real life seems odd because these people and places don’t really exist.

Until next time…

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March 25, 2009 at 4:59 pm

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Welcome to My Brand Blog!

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Hey there!

Welcome to my brand blog.  The purpose of this blog is to  blog, “about the brands in your life and those you encounter but which are not a part of your life.”  I encounter blogs in my everyday life … quite a bit actually.  But for me it would be difficult to talk about every brand that I encounter at an in depth level.  Today on the drive to school I encountered at least 1000 brands (this may or may not be an exaggeration) but to keep up with all of these brands seems like it would be a daunting task…so I’m not going to.  Instead I have decided to focus on brands that I encounter while doing my favorite hobbies, which are watching TV and … watching TV.  So my brand blog is about brands that I encounter in my everyday life … whilst watching TV.

Until next time…

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March 25, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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