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(aired 4/1)

Blog title is a shout out to all you Duncan Sheik fans out there.

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) seems to be an excellent example of branded entertainment without really being that branded.

J.Reed and I went to a panel during SXSW about branded entertainment…which at the time seemed pretty boring…but in context with this class and in relation to the TV shows that I view has become more exciting.  There was a bit of a “discussion” during that panel as to exactly what branded entertainment was and if it was a good thing or a bad thing.  Good because it sometimes gives the opportunities to film/TV makers to create something, with the funding of sponsors, for in turn figuring out how to incorporate the use of the product in their final creation.  Bad because the creation turns into essentially just a large scale commercial.

The reason I think that ANTM has to be branded entertainment is because … well what studio in their right mind would give a supermodelTyra Banks a show where she goes on the hunt for America’s next supermodel?  I think that from the beginning the companies such as Elite Model Management, Seventeen Magazine, and Covergirl have been paying for this show to be produced.  Additionally, I’m sure Tyra tossed in a few bucks of her own to get the show started.

Another reason why I think that ANTM could possibly be branded entertainment is because the winners have to work with the companies that I mentioned previously.  Additionally with the Covergirl sponsorship the previous seasons winner is featured during the almost commercial breaks doing things as part of ‘Their Life as a Covergirl’.

If this is truly branded entertainment then I think the do an excellent job of balancing the need to get the brands out there than and balancing the ‘compelling’ content of the show.

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April 4, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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