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Branding with the Donald

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(aired 4/5)

Class today kinda usurped my thought process on this one … but hopefully I was going to talk about something a little different … I guess we’ll see.

I (and by ‘I’ I mean TiVo) finally caught another episode of the Celebrity Apprentice.  And it was quite the timely episode because as opposed to selling cupcakes and cookies like they do from time to time … this episode had the teams create a viral video for All Small and Mighty.all-small-mighty The teams were charged with the task of creating a viral video for All Small and Mighty.  Essentially what they were doing was creating a video that people would want to pass on to their friends via e-mail or youtube.  So they all had the opportunity to meet with the All executives in order to get a better idea about what the brand stands for and who the target market it is.  Based on this meeting and the celebrities previous experience they came up with two very different projects.

But both projects failed to meet the standards of the All executives … and I have an idea why.  The executives at All wanted this to be a viral video.  To me a viral video is something that is compelling enough to pass on, so it has to be funny and off the wall for people to actually say, “Did you just see that.”  I think what all was wanting was something that was more of a commercial like straight forward and essentially to be not super funny or compelling.  I think All also didn’t do a great evaluation of who the target market for viral videos are.  To me it seems pretty clear that women with children don’t do a lot of passing videos on.  Yes, the do seem to forward a ton cutsie e-mails but to me the viral marketing is mostly a guy thing.  And this was shown to be true when they had Perez Hilton on to give his opinion about the videos.  There was one video (Clint Black and the Dirty Laundry) that Perez absolutely hated but he loved Jesse James Dirty and the Midgets.

I think during this task Donald Trump should have fired All.  I don’t think that the got what a viral video was about … or they are just to squeaky clean of a brand to get a joke.

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April 6, 2009 at 6:39 pm

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  1. On a similar note, when they created the comics pages for – a destination point for all women – they consulted a bunch of young dudes. What do they know about shoe-shopping?! And I don’t know many women who appreciate the value of comics books.


    April 6, 2009 at 7:31 pm

  2. I saw some of the episode, but I think your insight is on track – All wants to use new media but does not understand why or how to do it effectively… it is ALL about targeting (pun intended)

    Scott R

    April 10, 2009 at 6:08 pm

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